Archive Audit

Before making any recommendations, we do a complete audit of your internal processes.
Our services include the following steps:


Why do a document audit?

  • To establish a complete understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To help define needs and establish reasonable goals
  • To highlight existing differences between your organization’s procedures and current regulations
  • To identify potential risks
  • To estimate the cost of the internal management of your records
  • To highlight potential productivity gains

How does the audit work?

After a discussion about your organization between your chosen representative and our head of consulting:

  • Procedures for records management are laid out
  • Existing records and backup procedures are categorized
  • Existing management tools are reviewed
  • The records management department is visited and the procedures in place to identify existing volumes are tested

Who Carries Out the Audit?

This audit is performed by our trained and experienced consultants. At the end of this audit we present our findings, review the regulatory constraints and above all, offer improvement solutions.

How Long Does a Document Audit Take?

It depends on your organization and the number of departments within it. The existence of different sites is also an important factor, especially if they have different internal procedures.

Do you need a document audit for your company?

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