Archiving Training

ARCHIV SYSTEM accompanies you throughout the implementation of your records management policy. We offer appropriate training for your staff to ensure the records management system is understood by everyone.



Developing a Records Management Policy

After the document audit, our consultant establishes a records management policy containing all of the services needed.

The records management policy ensures sustainable management of the records. It aims to raise awareness amongst all your partners by outlining:

  • A clear definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Simple and effective management procedures (payment, communication, destruction of records, etc.)

Your Records Management Policy will become an important internal document, ensuring:

  • A clear chain of records management procedures
  • Controlled document flows
  • Regulations are followed

Development of Management Tools

Once the policy is defined, the next step is to implement management tools used every day as part of your records management policy. The most important points are:

The Classification Scheme
This organization of information is the backbone of your organization’s records. It allows you to effectively structure your records and define access rights.

The Array of Management
The Array of Management This tool allows you to manage your records efficiently, defining:

  • What records to preserve and why?
  • How long?

It serves a triple purpose:

  • Legal: regulatory compliance
  • Logistics: saving space by removing records not intended to be preserved
  • Financial: elimination to reduce space allocated to archival storage

This is the detailed listing and description of all of the documents that you keep and allows a quick reference.

Implementation and/or Assistance in Implementation

We can assist you with your archiving projects, including:

  • Deployment of your records management policy
  • Implementation or design of training sessions
  • Choosing your archive management software
  • Any other project relating to internal processing or upgrading of your records


For effective records management, your policy must be known and understood by all. ARCHIV SYSTEM assists with the implementation of internal or external training for different types of staff.

ARCHIV SYSTEM can help determine:

Official Archives

  • • Why and how to set up a policy for records management within your company?
  • • What are essential archive management tools?
  • • What are the different stages of archiving?
  • • How should you manage your records?

Employees involved in the archiving process

  • Awareness of the importance of records management
  • Reminder of the regulatory context
  • Understanding the records management policy
  • How to use the management tools
  • Preparing files for destruction or payment
  • Etc.

Our courses are prepared in consultation with the client and adapted to each project. They are led by experienced consultants, and can take place on your own premises.