Document Digitalization

ARCHIV SYSTEM offers two digitalization processes, depending on the type of documents to be scanned. Digitalization usually takes place at ARCHIV SYSTEM, but we can also come to your premises.

Off-site digitalization

ARCHIV SYSTEM offers a complete solution for the digitalization of your archives:

  • Analysis of the documentary chain and identification of your digital imaging needs
  • Digitalization and indexing of your documents in paper and digital format, according to your search criteria
  • Documents uploaded on a web portal, with secure, restricted access
  • Storage of numerical data and archiving of original physical documents with selective sorting

On-site digitalization

Digitalization can also take place on your premises. On-site digitalization is offered when there are especially sensitive, confidential or valuable documents. An ARCHIV SYSTEM team, subject to the duty of professional secrecy, comes with the digitalization equipment to handle your documents on your premises.

We can also host data that has already been digitalized.