Document Processing

Traitement ArchivesDoes your internal team struggle to handle all the tasks they have to perform due to lack of time and/or skills?

ARCHIV SYSTEM can assist you, partially or totally, for any type of document processing. Our archivists can assist in task delegation within your company, assist your teams on a daily basis or intervene selectively on specific projects.

Examples of Projects

  • Control and standardization of inventories (reorganization, correction, updates)
  • Destruction: identification of records that have exceeded their shelf life, removal and confidential destruction
  • Digitalization of documents: including for sensitive records or heavily consulted in order to make them more easily available
  • Categorization and sorting of specific records
  • Preparation for outsourcing: identification of inactive records, removal and outsourcing to free up space for active records management
  • Complete inventory of records
  • "Bulk" archiving (inventory, sorting, categorization, disposal)

Examples of recurring tasks

  • Preparation and regular payment records on your premises or to archive of guardianship
  • Packaging and handling on your premises
  • Complete internal management for your archives
  • Indexing and referencing of records
  • Sorting and disposal of annual records according to regulations