Paper records

The records management of paper records follows 5 main steps:

Document Archiving-image

Needs Analysis

During this first step we will:

  • Conduct a personalized information audit
  • Evaluate the resources required
  • Offer practical and legal advice

ARCHIV SYSTEM will create and install unique solutions tailored to the requirements of your business.

Transport and Support

Transfer and Handling:

  • Allocation of the correct logistical and human resources appropriate to each phase of the project
  • Monitoring and checking, assisted by barcode management

Sorting, Packing and Indexing:

  • Sorting and indexing according to the defined classification matrix
  • Packing solutions tailored to your documents
  • Assigning unique barcodes to your records

Capturing Information:

  • Data capturing according to the filing plan
  • Integration into our database
  • Provision of information via our website

Our E-archivsystem software enables online management and access to inventories.

Secure Storage


  • Storage of records in cartons on specially designed metal racks in secure facilities
  • Detection, monitoring and protection against intrusion and fire
  • Regularly maintained pest control
  • Randomly allocated storage locations


  • Anonymity of the records on our premises
  • Access controlled authorization to the operating system

We can assist you to set up an in-house archiving solution on your own premises.

Management of Records

Consultation and Treatment:

  • A user friendly interface allows easy online records management
  • Access levels can be customized to the tasks of your employees

Communication and Retrieval:

  • Prompt processes adapted to your requirements and workflow
  • Multiple retrieval options, from a physical delivery to sending via e-mail
  • Access to your data via the internet with integrated search tools

ARCHIV SYSTEM offers a scan-on-demand service.

Confidential Destruction

  • Proposal for the destruction of records that have reached their expiry date
  • Sanctioned destruction by authorized persons
  • Provision of a certificate of destruction

ARCHIV SYSTEM organizes the destruction of documents that have reached their expiry date, freeing space and optimizing the management of your documents.