Sun International

April 17th, 2014.

It gives me great pleasure to give a reference for the Archiv Group based on our current and future planned business project.
We have currently 2 service providers and will during the next 6 months streamline this to only using Archiv.

During the recent months we have embarked on a mass archiving project as we move to our new building with 2000 plus boxes being packed and professionally stored in the space of 3 weeks. Their professionalism in making this project a huge success should be noted.

The current system will be to migrate all our documents to them over a period of 6 – 12 months while sorting out the various independent units and then bringing them on board by 2015. The completion of this project will see us moving in the region of 20000 boxes. This makes both Management sense and financial sense to the group.

We are also looking into the electronic side of the data management, as the next generation solution.

I would have no problem in supplying a verbal reference and to highly recommend Archiv To any company.

Kind regards,

Group Procurement Specialist
Head Office Group Procurement