Sustainable Development

United Nations Global Compact

ARCHIV SYSTEM is a member of the United Nations Global Compact which promotes fundamental social and environmental principles.

Since 2008, every staff member is responsible for extending our commitment to the protection of the environment via our services. This framework provides monitoring based on international regulations. It verifies the proper implementation of practice, both in our offices and warehouses.

The Green Archivists

Planète UrgenceARCHIV SYSTEM is minimizing its ecological footprint. We are investing in a stable and sustainable environment for future generations through a reforestation project. This approach goes beyond an ecological framework by also promoting the economic and social development of vulnerable regions in Mali and Madagascar.

ARCHIV SYSTEM has partnered with Planète Urgence, an NGO, and plants trees when you choose to store archive boxes with us.

We do this to:

  • Compensate for paper used
  • Participate in reforestation projects
  • Help people in need

Reforestation Initiative

Read more about Planète Urgence's reforestation initiative project, supported by ARCHIV SYSTEM.

Our Commitment to the Environment

  • All our boxes and containers are 100% recyclable
  • The containers consist of Kraft (natural fibre) and recycled paper and ink that is biodegradable
  • Our vehicles are fit for purpose
  • The fleet is maintained by an authorized dealer. Semi off-road vehicles are changed after 4 years of use
  • Forklifts and handling gear run on batteries
  • Security rounds include switching off lights and electrical equipment
  • The systematic use of recycled paper for forms
  • The annual audit of our providers, our subcontractors and our suppliers based on our Charter for sustainable development
  • The systematic purchase of quality equipment